2012-07-29 08:50 am

Have I come home? Or run away from it?

Back in St. Claire. At least I'm not going back to McDonald's. I have a real job now, a career.

SCPD Detective, Second Class. Homicide Division. Sounds good. Sounds a lot better than front line- shot at every other day by some poor idiot- LAPD SWAT.

Alicia isn't here. That's fine. I have work to do and personally, probably will be easier without her around. Just need to... Need to make progress.

I haven't checked in with The Hidden Walk yet. I imagine I should before someone recognizes me and I haven't told anyone I'm back yet. They tend to be concerned about such things, the Garou.

Then again, perhaps no one here would recognize me. Me from back here wouldn't.

I've taken lives. Many. Human and otherwise. I've amassed a sizable library of great and old works. I've loved and lost. Been scarred up, just like one of... them.

Home. Time to get to work.